Confession of a Foodie

“Steph, are you actually going to eat that, or just take photos of it?”

We’re sitting in a restaurant, in Lima, Peru and our food has just arrived, and quickly switch to the ‘food setting’ on my Panasonic Lumix. My poor friend is sharing the most elaborate and colourful-looking ceviche platter with me, but has to wait  for me to finish snapping, before tucking in.

This habit has become one of my well known traits amongst friends, and my photo albums are full of food photos. Food impresses me. It excites me. It inspires me. I live to eat…not eat to live. Hopefully I am finally going to make use of my obsession, a publicise photographs and recipes of the food that gets me going.

So here goes my first ever post on Machu Kitchen.

Machu is a Quechuan world meanig “Old”, as Machu Picchu is translated to “Old Peak”. South American food has been greatly influenced by Europeans throughout the centuries. Having said that, countries like Bolivia and Peru still pride themselves on retaining their old Inca heritage, and so I named this blog as such. It’s one of the most fascinating things about South America so it should be proud of it’s heritage.

So here you have it, the beginning of my Nuevo Latino food journal. Celebrating all foods Machu, all foods Latino and all foods tasty.

Machu Picchu
Enjoying the view…

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