The Peruvian Pepper Problem

I’ve recently been researching Peruvian recipes to try out at home. This includes some of the greats: Causa Rellena, Aji de Gallina and Ceviche. I got myself all excited and can’t wait to start.

But I have noticed that there is one predominant Peruvian ingredient in almost every recipe, which is very hard to find…

Aji amarillo


Translated as “yellow pepper”, but not at all the sort that us Brits are familiar with, aji amarillo is a cross between a chilli and a pepper, with a hot, fruity taste. It’s native to South America, but mainly found in Peru, and is a key ingredient in many Peruvian dishes.

Now, from the Peruvian food that I experienced, not a lot of it was hot, but a lot of it would have included these amarillo babies. They are used so discreetly, to give sauces and potatoes a little kick, and whilst the yellow chilli peppers turn orange with age, they give food a gorgeous yellow colour.

Being far away from the home of the peppers, the best I can hope for is aji amarillo paste or powder (used a lot in the US). 

BUT WHERE DO I GET IT FROM?! I know I can substitute them with something else, for sure, but I’m giving myself a challenge: to hunt down and buy aji amarillo paste!

If anyone finds them, please let me know, but I’m going to be hunting these babies down…




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  1. jon barfoot says:

    Hi there, we grow them in peru and ship to the UK. We are currently talking to retailers to stock them nationally. I believe that this will become the next big thing in chillies as its so universal ~ great for salsas, sauces, salads and all cooking methods. spread the word.
    contact me

    1. toops7 says:

      Hi Jon, thanks for letting me know! I’m keen to get my hands on them, currently searching for them in London with little joy.
      Had a quick look at your site, when I’m next around Chicester I may drop by. Good luck with the retailers!

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