Dear Santa…

Christmas is almost here, and don’t we all know it! I’m just about to leave the house for shopping trip #3, when I got distracted by finding something to add to my own list…

A very kind Machu Kitchen fan, messaged me with a link to the South Devon Chilli Farm‘s shop, where they sell…AJI CHILLI SAUCE!!!

I am beyond excited by this discovery! Whilst it might not be the aji amarillo paste that I’m looking for, it has to be pretty darn close.  They also describe it just as they should:

Aji (pronounced aa-hee) is a Peruvian chilli with plenty of lemony flavour. – South Devon Chilli Farm


I just HAVE to have it. It’s a shame that I take the “don’t buy anything for yourself before Christmas” rule very seriously. But I will say one thing for sure: if I don’t receive this Aji Chilli Sauce in my stocking on Christmas Day, I’ll be ordering it first thing the day after.

If you are interested, there are lots of other wonderful chilli treats on South Devon Chilli Farm‘s website; I’d definitely recommend a look! Chilli chocolate for your dad maybe?!

Now, enough procrastination for me. Back to shopping trip #3…


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