Ceviche in the Metro

Last week, my flatmate brought me back a clipping from the Metro she was reading on the tube. Having only known each other for a short time, I was quite touched to find that when she saw an article on how Peruvian cuisine is soon to become the next big thing, she thought of me.

Naturally, I already knew how great Peruvian food is, as Machu Kitchen wouldn’t exist if I didn’t think people needed to discover the hidden culinary wonders of South America.

Read the article here: Peruvian perfection: The best of Peruvian cuisine | Metro.co.uk.

Still, the article is an interesting read and focuses on two Peruvian restaurants in London: the soon-to-be-opened Lima, a Peruvian fine-dining experience, and Ceviche, Soho’s first Peruvian kitchen and Pisco bar. Touching on how Peruvian food has been previously overshadowed by Mexican cuisine, the article goes on to describe some key Peruvian dishes on offer at these restaurants such as barbecued anticuchos (beef heart) and tiraditos (thinly sliced raw fish with tiger’s milk).

Of course, I’m absolutely dying to try out Ceviche with its laid back “chicha” atmosphere, authentic ceviche, and yummy Pisco Sours. However,  most interesting of all, was finding out that the restaurant has launched its very own Ceviche Week from yesterday until the 28th of June. This week will play host to a number of events celebrating the greatness of Peruvian marinated fish.

Image from Google

Most of the free demonstrations are on during the day this week, but there are some workshops in the evenings and a party next Saturday, all coinciding with Peru’s National Ceviche Day on the 28th June. Ceviche really is making its mark, and I am so pleased.

If you’re lucky enough not to be working, and can get to one of these demos, I’m seriously recommend it. Otherwise, I think I’m going to have to make my delicious ceviche again for my housemate to try…

Learn more about the restaurant and Ceviche Week, by visiting the website.


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