Time Out London Eating & Drinking Awards 2012

Time Out is one of London’s most influential lifestyle guides. Any sort of recommendation from Time Out, whether you are a restaurant, bar, art gallery or event, can seriously boost your success.

This week Time Out London released the winners of their Eating & Drinking Awards 2012. Amongst the usual categories of Best Cheap Eats, Best New Restaurant and Best No-Bookings Restaurant, this year they included a Best New Latin American Restaurant category.

And so they should include it. After all, in the past year I’ve noticed a serious increase in interest surrounding Latin American food, especially for the new Peruvian restaurants.

Aside from being thrilled that Latin American food has its own category this year, I predicted who the winner might be…

(c) Lima London
© Lima London

Congratulations to Lima London. I’m still yet to grace your tables, but I’m sure the award is deserved.

The runners-up included my beloved Pisco-bar Ceviche, the quirky La Bodega Negra and the Japanese-Brazilian-Peruvian fusion food of Sushisamba.

So celebrations are in order for Latin American food. Not only has it been deemed fashionable enough to appear with its own category in the Time Out Eating & Drinking Awards, but the nominated restaurants will no doubt reap the benefits of their latest acclaim.

For the full list of winners please click here: Time Out: Eating & Drinking Awards 2012


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  1. Definitely a sign of the trend becoming mainstream! Add to that a report in this week’s The Grocer [industry bible for the supermarkets] which says that Latin American food is the next big thing and it looks like we have a full-on Latin American invasion on its way. ¡Trajelo!

  2. Reblogged this on coffee.paper.trend and commented:
    Check out this post about Latin American food at Machu Kitchen. The Grocer has also published a report on world cuisine and the next few years are likely to see big growth in the Latin American food sector in the UK.
    Have a look at this c.p.t. post from October 2011:

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