The New Comedor Grill & Bar

Everyone knows that being a food critic comes with certain perks: being paid to write about restaurants and generally eating for free. Yep, that’s a lot of people’s dream job right there. It’s the day job that I think most food bloggers aspire to have.

Yet, I’m sure I don’t speak for myself when I say that food bloggers don’t do what we do for money or reward. We don’t expect any freebies or any perks. Food bloggers write about different food and restaurants simply because they love to. Anything else that comes of it? Well, that’s a just a bonus.

For example, last week I received a kind invitation from Comedor Grill & Bar asking me to attend a tasting event, sampling 10 new dishes from their menu. This came three months after I had reviewed Comedor Grill & Bar back in November. I reviewed it simply because I wanted to try out another South American restaurant.

Comedor Grill & Bar

At the end of last year, and after my first visit, Comedor Grill & Bar changed their head chef and brought in Federico. They decided that they wanted to take the spotlight off their steaks, and attract people to order from other parts of their menu. So along with his team, Federico has come up with new and exciting dishes, small, medium and large, from all over the continent.

This is where the food bloggers came in. Comedor Grill & Bar needed trusty foodies to try out their new creations and give their honest feedback. I took a long a fellow blogger, Annabel and tried out the new and improved Comedor Grill & Bar menu.

We were wined and dined on Pinot Noir and 10 delicious courses, of rich and exotic flavours. Innovative creations of sweet and savoury, salty and tart. All artistically presented and well received. Here’s a little taster of what we tried out…

Pollack Tiradito Ceviche


Scallops wrapped in Pancetta with Smokey King Prawns

Scallops in pancetta and smoked king prawns

Swordfish Steak with Sundried Tomato and Olive Salsa

Swordfish Steak with sundried tomatoes

Steak with Creamy Goats Cheese Mash


Grilled Beef and Chicken Kebabs

Other dishes included smooth homemade guacamole dip, creamy and crumbly empanadas, a butternut squash, apple and walnut salad, smoked chicken caesar salad, and a selection of new sides and sauces.

It was a delightful afternoon of dining. As part of the focus group, we tried each dish and gave our feedback on how it would fit on the menu.

Please note that the featured dishes had not yet been confirmed to appear on the new menu. Whatever dishes they do choose, Comedor Grill & Bar’s team of chefs will make sure that the new menu offers unique and delicate dishes, as well as thick, juicy steaks. One thing is for certain, we have been assured that no matter how much the menu changes, Comedor Grill & Bar will always remain good value for money.

So it turns out the even food bloggers can get little perks, even when they do it for the love of food.

I’d like to thank the team at Comedor Grill & Bar once again for the kind invitation and generous hospitality – the new menu will be great and I’ll be back!

Comedor Grill & Bar, 176 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 1RG 

Tel: 020 7354 2843


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