Meet My World Launch Party – Amantani and Andina

Peru is a country close to my heart. Ever since I spent time volunteering in the small communities outside Huancayo in the Andes, I’ve felt an emotional attachment to the children who grow up in the isolated and rural areas of Peru. I’ll never forget how eager the children were to learn and how excited they were to show us their home.

It’s no surprise then, that I was excited to get a ticket to ‘Meet My World’, an exclusive film screening and multi-sensory taste experience, documenting twelve lessons given by Peruvian children growing up in the Andes. Presented by Peruvian charity, Amantani, and top Peruvian restaurant, Andina, the night was sure to be special.

Watch the trailer here

Amantani is a small organisation which works to help Andean children, in the district of Ccorca, get a proper education. From the age of 7, children in the Andes of Peru have to walk up to 8 hours daily to get to school, leaving them tired and unable to learn. Since 2008, Amantani have established boarding houses to allow these children to get to school easily and have more time to do homework. Not only that, but Amantani have recognised that indigenous children are at an educational disadvantage with a strongly-Westernised curriculum, and have worked to implement a more appropriate, high-quality education.

Martin Morales, owner of Ceviche and Andina restaurants, was also in attendance at the event. He explained that after growing up in Peru and having a mother from the Andes, Amantani was a project that was particularly important to him. As a result, Andina and Amantani have worked closely to create these 12 short films, allowing us to become the ‘pupils’ and the Andean children to be the teachers.

Here are some photos from the event. Each film was accompanied by a themed Peruvian snack, created by the talented team at Andina.


quinoa-tamalitoquinoa salad


Please take a moment to watch the films on the Meet My World website and share amongst your friends. Amantani mean to show the children how many people have watched and enjoyed heir films, giving them more confidence and making them proud of their unique Quechua heritage.


Gracias, Stephanie
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