Don Ceviche Masterclass at Ceviche

Happy National Pisco Day! 

Today is a day of celebration for Peru’s national drink, Pisco. Peru’s day of celebration also happened to coincide with my masterclass at Ceviche in Soho. A birthday present from my lovely friends, I visited Martin Morales’ flagship restaurant to learn the secrets of creating the perfect ‘Don Ceviche’, whilst sipping a complimentary Pisco Sour….

Serving around 372 per day, ‘Don Ceviche’ is by far the most popular dish in the central London Peruvian Kitchen. It’s the signature dish; a tangy fresh sea bass ceviche served in Tiger’s milk marinade. Hosted by Ceviche’s head chef Jorge Baumhauer, we gathered round Ceviche’s Pisco bar to be talked through the process of making our very own Don Ceviche.





And the final result…




Don Ceviche Masterclass

Ceviche’s Masterclasses happen on the last Sunday of every month in Ceviche, Soho.

To book email 

Watch the promo video here:


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