Review: Brunch @ Cau Guildford

Let’s talk about brunch. It’s a topic I love to spend time discussing. For me, brunch is the best thing about weekends, (after lie-ins, of course) and it’s so much more than just a meal time…it’s a social event. Restaurants love to put their own spin on brunch, so it’s no longer limited to the traditional English breakfast and a strong coffee. You can dress it up any way you like; from Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas, to Eggs Benedict and Shakshuka and all the homemade granola, smoothies and pancakes in between. But the most important thing about brunch is always going to the be the eggs. Get those right and you’re on to a winner.

Cau Brunch latin eggs

Last weekend, the Guildford branch of Cau, launched their new brunch menu. I was curious to see what their Argentine take on breakfast would be, as they’ve worked hard to set themselves apart from other high street steakhouses. The menu doesn’t disappoint. Cau have made sure to their stamp on the classics, pairing Eggs Benedict and Royale with Argentine chimichurri sauce and offering homemade porridge with banana and dulce de leche. 

After a few glasses of wine the night before, I started off with a much-needed Mary & Sons; a Bloody Mary made with Kamm & Sons for extra flavour and aji molido chilli powder for a kick.


Looking at the menu, it’s natural to assume that the stand-out breakfast on the menu would be the Steak and Eggs. For good reason too; Cau’s signature tapa de cuadril steak is thinly cut and flash-grilled to perfection, served with two runny fried eggs. The meat was full of flavour, but I couldn’t help but think that the overall dish was missing something…

Cau Steak and Eggs

The Cau Breakfast takes the full English up a notch, with thick cuts of bacon, huge Portobello mushrooms and rich, smoky Morchilla black pudding. The perfect hangover cure!


But the real highlight of the brunch, were the Latin Eggs. As an avocado lover, this dish caught my attention immediately; runny poached eggs and chargrilled avocado on English muffins and hollandaise sauce, topped off with a drizzle of delicious chimichurri. Divine. It was the chimichurri that gave the dish a kick of flavour; the perfect complement for the rich hollandaise sauce.

This was the first South American brunch I’ve had, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Perhaps there could have been a few more authentic South American combinations on the menu, but then you have to cater to the typical brunch crowd.  Having said that, the Steak and Eggs would benefit from a drizzle of that delicious chimichurri!

From eating at Cau previously, I know that the chefs are experts at putting an Argentine twists on British classics, so I don’t doubt that they’ll come up with some more great combos in the future. Even so, with a friendly atmosphere, good coffee, lots of choice and exceptional eggs, the brunch got a thumbs up from me.

Cau Guildford, (Twitter: @caurestaurants)


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