My First Feijoada

It really does pain me that I missed out on Brazil. It remains high up on my bucket list and I keep discovering more reasons why I need to go. Well, tonight I discovered another…feijoada.

Whilst it is Portuguese in origin, feijoada is the one of the classic Brazilian dishes. This hearty stew is traditionally made with beef, pork and beans, and served on street stalls and restaurants all over Brazil.

feijoada brazil
Whilst I’ve been to a few Brazilian rodizios, I’ve never had the opportunity to try this classic dish. So tonight at Cabana in Covent Garden, I dragged my attention away from the steaks and chicken dishes, opting for the smoky hotpot of feijoada. This thick black bean stew was rich and full of flavour, with chunks of tender beef and melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork. I can’t claim that this was the most authentic feijoada, but it was still delicious. For someone who likes black beans, I highly recommend it.

rice bolinhos

Cabana itself was pleasant; it had a lively atmosphere, good cocktails and big portions, but it was very obviously a chain restaurant and was a little lacking in authenticity. Although, I’ll admit I enjoyed the Havaianas on the bathroom doors.

I write a lot about Peruvian and Argentinian food, but having got a taste for alternative Brazilian food (not your typical steak and barbecued meats) I think it’s time to cross the border into Brazilian territory! If anyone has any recommendations for good Brazilian recipes or restaurants, please do let me know.


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