About Machu Kitchen

Welcome to Machu Kitchen – a food and travel blog exploring the culinary and cultural wonders of the world (with a heavy Latin American flavour). Machu Kitchen was born in 2011 when I, Stephanie, returned from my travels in South America and needed to rant about it.

I love to travel, I always have, and having travelled to all sorts of places around the world, I can safely say that nowhere on the Earth has captured my heart as much as South America. Everything about Latin America now fascinates me: the scenery, the history, the culture and of course, the food.

Being a self-confessed foodie and, at the time, still deep in mourning for my South American adventure, I decided to start a blog about the culinary and cultural delights of my favourite continent. For two and a half years, Machu Kitchen: The Nuevo Latino Food Journal was a blog full of restaurant reviews, home recipes and articles about Latin American food.

You’ll find that Machu Kitchen will always be heavy on Latin American posts, staying true to its roots. But there are many more worldly delights out there for me to discover, so in order to sate my wanderlust Machu Kitchen is now my all-encompassing food and travel journal. So whether you’re here for a tasty ceviche recipe, reading a review of your local South American restaurant or simply looking for some travel inspiration, I hope you enjoy Machu Kitchen.
South American Food in the UK

Back in 2011, South American food was very niche; typing in “South American Restaurants London” into Google returned only a handful of (dubious) results and most people just thought it was all rice and stews. (Ok, so I did eat a lot of rice and stews and potatoes, but there’s so much more to it than that!) Almost three years later and it’s a completely different story.

South American food has taken off in London, and hopefully throughout the UK. Peruvian food in particular has really shot into the limelight. South American pop-ups, Peruvian ceviche bars and Argentinian grills are found all over London. Quinoa is the superfood of the moment and you can find Pisco Sours in trendy bars across the capital. Not one to brag, but I totally called it and I couldn’t be happier. Viva South America!

About Me

After graduating from university with a degree in Journalism, I decided to take a year off to travel before pursuing a writing career. Like many others, I could have quite happily carried on with my nomadic lifestyle forever but ultimately, the real world beckoned me back home.

If I wasn’t able to travel all the time, at the very least I was going to make a career out of it. You’ll now find me working for STA Travel by day and freelancing or blogging by night. I live in East London, surrounded by great restaurants and cafes and spend my free time, cooking, cooing at dogs in the park or doing something arty!

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