About Machu Kitchen

Welcome to Machu Kitchen – a food and travel blog exploring the culinary and cultural wonders of the world (with a heavy Latin American flavour). Machu Kitchen was born in 2011, when a 22 year-old unemployed journalism graduate, returned from her travels around South East Asia and South America and needed to write about it.

That’s me, Stephanie. I love to travel and I love to eat. Simple.

Being a big foodie and still deep in mourning for my South American adventure, I decided to start a blog about the culinary and cultural delights of my favourite continent. In the early years, Machu Kitchen: The Nuevo Latino Food Journal was a blog full of restaurant reviews, home recipes and articles about Latin American food.

Fast forward to 2017 – with many more stamps on my passport and an endless list of restaurants to eat in, I wanted to evolve Machu Kitchen into a blog about worldwide travel and food.

You’ll find that Machu Kitchen will always be heavy on Latin American posts, staying true to its roots, but there are many more worldly delights out there for me to discover. So whether you’re here for a tasty ceviche recipe, reading a review of a local South American restaurant or simply looking for some travel inspiration, I hope you enjoy Machu Kitchen.


About Me

I’m the Global Content Manager at STA Travel, trying my best to make a career out of my passions. I’m now back in London after another 5 months travelling Australia, New Zealand and Asia on a sabbatical. I literally do eat, sleep, travel and repeat.

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